Who We Are

The mission of our office is to provide high quality, client-centered representation to people charged with federal crimes in New Mexico. We fight for the Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel by providing zealous and effective representation to every client. Our office handles both trials and appeals.

Our team includes lawyers, investigators, paralegals, legal assistants, interpreters, social workers, IT and administrative staff. We all work together to uphold our clients’ full range of rights, including the right to be presumed innocent and right to a fair sentence if convicted. We prepare a vigorous defense at trial and if need be, we continue that vigorous defense in the appellate courts. We advocate for humane, fair sentences by developing mitigation evidence helping the court see our clients as people, not criminals.

We believe human dignity, equality and respect are fundamental. We all share a commitment to excellence and a passion for justice in representing indigent people accused of federal crimes.

Margaret Katze, FPD